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Supermarket POS (LOC Software)

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LOC Software

LOC Software delivers solutions designed to allow more frequent, profitable, and manageable transactions. SMS contains modules that are typically outsourced, including bank integration, customer analytics, in-store mobility, consumer phone apps, in-house gift card, loyalty, and more.

In all, there are over 40 modules dedicated to providing all the tools needed to profitably run your retail enterprise. We are the premier, fully-connected platform breaking traditional molds by bridging yesterday with the future of retail. Offering interactions wherever and whenever they make the most sense, our application suite interconnects your enterprise to processes, employees, suppliers, partners, consumers, and beyond. Modern retailing is about managing this connectivity, and no one does it better
Supermarket POS (LOC Software)

English/Chinees & English/Spanish supermarket POS

“SMS contains modules that are typically outsourced, including bank integration, customer analytics, in-store mobility, consumer phone apps, in-house gift card, loyalty, and more.

In all, there are over 40 modules dedicated to providing all the tools needed to profitably run your retail enterprise.”

Benefits of POS for your Supermarket Business

The POS system can also handle businesses with multiple locations or branches. It offers a tracking feature that allows retailers to keep track of their inventory across numerous locations and stores. Retailers may deliver a better customer experience by using the POS system. A POS system can help business owners determine the real-time availability of products in high demand by their clients. The POS system alerts you to your company practices, which can be checked from anywhere. Also, if you need to transfer your business, you can do so without interruption from anywhere. The POS system, which is coupled with the mobile app, now allows it to use its sales facility from anywhere.

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Back office management

SMS Back Office evolved into the most complete, and versatile, management tool dedicated to retail operations. Single and multi-store users benefit from the toolset that offers total control over the store or enterprise. Tailored into one seamless interface, SMS Back Office satisfies all a merchant’s operational needs. From powerful merchandising and inventory control, integrated purchasing and receiving, to business analytics and reporting, SMS Back Office makes profitable retailing possible.

Centralized Reports & Price Updates

We deploy tighter control measures with less interaction by centralizing reporting & pricing.

Food service integration

Our system runs the same system in all concepts, plus cross market between concepts.

Online Loyalty Programmes

SMS Loyalty provides more than a common rewards system, it provides the engine to drive profitable growth. Understanding trends and behaviors are easy with a full featured customer demographics tool. Manage customers with multiple risk and shopper levels, price by tiers, and offer transaction-based promotions. Promotions can be based on virtually any field tracked by the system, including total or cumulative sales, item or department or sub-department sales, points or shopper level.

Merchandising & Promotions

We Provide unparalleled sale & promotional options offering virtually unlimited combinations & offers

Labor Management Integration

We can help you to integrate labor costs into reporting, with time management & scheduling.

Integrated Sign & Label Printing

Our systems print signs & labels via batch or within item maintenance, by aisle, by location.

Digital Signage Option

We can help you to create customizable point-of-purchase messaging based on transaction details for your products.

Security & Peace of Mind

Our systems are fully PCI compliant, certified with both PCI DSS & Visa PABP.

Mobile POS & Inventory

Our systems are perfect for queue busting, inventory management, price verification or changes, in-aisle labels.

Scale Integration solutions

Our systems prevent pricing errors by simultaneously sending prices to POS & scales, plus pull scale production details

Warehouse Management

We can help you in efficiently manage ordering & shipping processes for your business.

Integrated Payments

Our systems have direct interfaces with First Data™, Heartland Payment Systems™, WorldPay™, including VeriShield®, Voltage Security® or RSA

E-Commerce & App

Smartphones and mobile computers dominate popular and professional culture. Modern retailing should be no different. SMS Mobility provides the platform to utilize mobile technology to its fullest. Mobility in retail provides operational efficiencies and can increase customer service. Receiving and inventory processes can be optimized with direct database connection via Wi-Fi. Changing prices is faster and updates instantaneously with a mobile computer and printer. Queue busting has never been simpler, with multiple methods to accomplish the task. Modern merchants are no longer tethered to registers or workstations. SMS Mobility helps cut the cord.

Physical Security

Our systems help you review transactions live or recorded from the back office with a full EJ search.

Kiosk & Price Checker

We can help you in verify price, customer points, balance & deliver promotions.