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About Us
A story of success and a tradition of helping our clients to succeed
LC Business systems Corps was created to help our clients to succeed on their business, since day first we´ve been helping companies to improve their sales through POS systems in a safe and secure way. 
We sell, install, train, and provide you with on going support for point of sale systems, camera systems, cash registers, and merchant processing for: supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, fast food, and bars. We also provide you with high quality point-of-sale peripherals and supplies, including: printers, scales, scanners, cash drawers, handheld terminals, even thermal receipt paper and scale labels.
Our systems accept cash and checks, mobile payments like Apple Pay®, and cards that swipe, dip and tap. We can process payments on the move or at the counter, safely and securely. Start building your system here. Trust in LC Business Systems Corps as your ally. 

As point-of-sale consultants, we represent you as clients, and focus on delivering totally customized solutions that give you:
•The best possible value for your budget
•The level of professionalism you expect
•The quality of after-sales service and guidance in a true business
Which factor makes a point of sale system most valuable? A POS system should help you alleviate the daily chores of your business. A POS system should not interfere or make it harder for you to run your business. A perfect POS system should run your business for you, but not in a literal sense where it takes TOTAL control.
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