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Get Best Weight Scale Repairing in San Francisco for your Business

Want the best-in-class weight Weight Scale Repairing in San Francisco for your business? Call Now!

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We offer different Weight Scale Repairing in San Francisco

Ishida Uni-9

UNI-9's compact design fits nicely on virtually any counter size, big or small, and occupies a very small footprint. The optional remote platform creates the flexibility to construct an efficient and ergonomic working environment on counters where space is limited. In addition the larger platform dimensions can handle heavier awkward products.The UNI-9 can either be equipped with a 7 or 12.1 inch customer display with LED backlight technology.

Ishida Uni-7

With the UNI-7, you can pre-select one of five languages listed on the selection screen. In the parameter settings, you can also select two languages to be printed at the same time, providing your customers with easy-to-follow displays and printing. The UNI-7 offers universal functions for increasing target customers and supporting global deployment.The UNI-7 memory can be expanded up to 2GB, allowing you to appeal to your customers with visual information such as logos, messages.

CAS 5500R

The CL5500 Label Printing Scale has the functions you need at an affordable price. CL-Works Pro is compatible with all CL Series Label Printing Scales that use the most recent firmware. Control multiple scales remotely and efficiently manage your retail process. The CL5500 is equipped with two high quality, easy to read LCD Displays. The operator side displays are used to show Tare Weight, Unit Weight, Unit Price and Total Price on the left. The display on the right is used to display PLU names, Scrolling Messages and Programming Menus.


The LP-1000N is one of our most popular scales on the market. It is perfect for use in grocery stores, deli's and bakeries due to its feature rich, easy to use label printing. This programmable scale has thirty standard label formats, can store up to 4,000 PLU's, and has save keys for convenient pre-packing. The LP-1000N is the best scale on the market today in its class. A feature rich, easy-to use label printing scale. With its ability to use the most popular label formats, the LP-1000N will be perfect for deli's, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.

Weight Scale Repairing Solutions for Your Retail Business

Retail POS

You don't have to guess with these retail weighing equipment. They weigh the products or merchandise fast and accurately, and then propose a price depending on the weight. This is especially useful in haberdashery establishments, where little things like buttons and needles are sold frequently. When employees do not have to manually count and weigh objects, they may devote their time to other vital activities. These weighing machines quickly weigh the objects and print labels, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Because retail weighing machines function so swiftly, you get results quickly. This is especially handy in busy supermarkets, as it prevents long lines from forming behind the weighing counter.

Retail POS
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