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The best POS systems for small businesses combine rich features with affordable pricing. Small businesses have a lot of different looks. A small restaurant will have different needs than a boutique and ddan auto parts store will have different needs than a food truck. This list of top POS systems for small businesses is a diverse list. Each POS is rated on some basic criteria: cost, features, user friendliness, whether or not it offers good mobile and traditional service, and its ability to grow with your business.

While two point of sale systems on this list might be tied in score, it doesn’t mean that each is a great fit for your business. These days, POS systems come in as many different flavors as there are businesses. Some are extremely versatile and can do it all, others are hyper-focused on providing one type of business with an excellent but specific type of service. So make sure you are looking not only for a high-quality POS system, but for one that fits your business like a glove.
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We sell, install, train, and provide you with on going support for point of sale systems, camera systems, cash registers, and merchant processing for: supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, fast food, and bars. ​​​
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As point-of-sale consultants, we represent you as clients, and focus on delivering totally customized solutions that give you:
The best possible value for your budget
The level of professionalism you expect
The quality of after-sales service and guidance in a true business relationship.